Laundry Destainers

Laundry Destainers

LD3 Tribrite Peroxide Destainer

  • A powerful hydrogen peroxide-based destainer
  • Removes stubborn stains, even on heavily soiled items when washing at 60ºC and above
  • Safe bleaching action maintains colour brightness and fabric whiteness
Trichem LD3 Destainer

Ice Low Temperature Destainer

  • An effective oxygen-based low temperature liquid destainer
  • Removes stains even at 20ºC, saving energy and reducing wash times
  • Gentle on fabrics and completely biodegradable
  • Suitable for both whites and colours
Trichem Ice Low Temp Destainer

Stain Pro 2 Destainer Powder

  • A powerful oxygen-based destainer
  • Gently removes even the most stubborn stains from heavily soiled linen
  • Effective in all water conditions at temperatures as low as 30ºC
  • Suitable for both whites and colours
Trichem Stain Pro 2 Destainer

O3 Destain Powder

  • A concentrated chlorine-based bleach powder
  • Excellent stain removal properties
  • Ideal for use on white cotton and polycotton linen to maintain fabric whiteness
  • Free flowing and easily dispensed
Trichem O3 Destain Powder

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